recruitment drive for anganwadi positions

Recruitment Drive for Anganwadi Positions in Bhadarwah by Office of the Child Development Project Officer

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The Office of the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) for the POSHAN Project in Bhadarwah has announced a new recruitment drive as per Advertisement Notice No. 07-of 2024 dated 05-06-2024. This initiative has been endorsed by the Mission Directorate POSHAN Jammu & Kashmir vide their orders detailed below, aiming to fill positions for Sanginis (Anganwadi Workers) and Sahayikas (Anganwadi Helpers).

Official Endorsements

The approval was granted through Government orders:

  • No. 222-JK (SWD) of 2022 dated 30-11-2022
  • No.103-JK (SWD) of 2023 dated 28-04-2023

Furthermore, the Mission Directorate Poshan Jammu & Kashmir provided specific consents through:

  • No: SMD/ICDS/Recruitment/2023-24/8205-08, Dated: 12.03.2024
  • No: MD/Poshan/Estt/2023/14361-64 Dated 03.06.2024

Recruitment Information

Eligible female candidates are invited to apply for the engaged positions of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers in Bhadarwah.

Important Dates

  • Application Start Date: 10-06-2024
  • Application End Date: 24-06-2024

Vacancy Details

Sanginis (Anganwadi Workers)

The recruitment is for the following wards and panchayats:

  • W.No.3 of Bhadarwah for 02 posts
  • W.No.5 of Bhadarwah for 04 posts

Sahayikas (Anganwadi Helpers)

Available positions are in the following areas:

  • Ward/ Municipal: Batie Moh., Toofan
  • Panchayat: Panjgraine, Bataie
  • Centre: Malothi-A

Selection Criteria

Candidates for both positions must adhere to the selection criteria set out in Government Order No. 222-JK (SWD) of 2022.

For Sanginis (Anganwadi Workers):

  • Age: Women aged 18-37 years as of 01-01-2024
  • Residence: Must be a resident in the electoral ward of the AWC
  • Education: Minimum qualification is 10+2, maximum is graduation. Merit-based selection with weightage on 10+2 marks; no consideration given to higher qualifications.

For Sahayikas (Anganwadi Helpers):

  • In case of a merit tie, the older candidate will be preferred
  • Candidates from retiring AWW/AWH families get an extra 2% points
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