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University of Kashmir Extends Admission Registration Deadline to June 18, 2024

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The University of Kashmir has made a significant announcement for students aspiring to join its various academic programs. The deadline for submitting online application forms for a diverse range of courses has been extended. Students now have until June 18, 2024, to apply for Postgraduate, Integrated, Bachelors, Postgraduate Diploma, Diploma, Certificate, and B.Tech programs.

Official Notification Details


A notification from the Director of Admissions & Competitive Examinations at the University of Kashmir has been released and states that the extension applies to all programs advertised under Admission Notification Numbers 04, 05, 06, and 07 of 2024. These notifications were initially dated May 6, May 10, and May 16, 2024, respectively. The extension is a relief for candidates who have not yet submitted their online application forms for various reasons.

Courses Offered and Admission Extension

The University’s extension includes Professional and Non-Professional Postgraduate programs, Integrated programs, a Bachelor’s Degree in Music & Fine Arts, as well as Postgraduate Diploma, Diploma, Certificate courses, and 4-Year B.Tech. programs. The extended window for submission provides prospective students with additional time to complete their applications without any rush.

How to Apply

Applicants can find the application link on the University’s official website at The link will remain active until the new deadline date, allowing students to complete their application process.

Contact Information

In case of any queries or assistance, students can reach out via the provided contact number: 9596061746.

The University of Kashmir is committed to ensuring a smooth and accessible admissions process for all prospective students. This extended deadline offers a vital opportunity for applicants to ensure their submissions are thorough and complete. Students are advised to take note of the new deadline and make the necessary arrangements to complete their applications in time.

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